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Role of Health Communication, Research and Training in Promoting Health Messages

صحت کے پیغامات کو فروغ دینے میں صحت مواصلات ، تحقیق اور تربیت کا کردار

Health communication necessarily promotes health information usually through public health campaigns, health education. It includes the relationship between doctor and patient as well. Key purpose of communicating health information is to influence personal health choices. And the best way for health journalists to achieve this purpose is by improving health literacy.

It is expected that effective health communication be tailored for a specific audience within a given context. Besides one-tone, interpersonal and mass-level communication, extensive research into health communication is necessary to assess and reform health communication strategies. Research surrounding health communication can facilitate the development of preparing effective messages about health-related information through different media (print, electronic and new media). Media tools are very strong assistants here besides interpersonal relationships in health communities. As health communication research identifies and provides with better and more effective communication strategies, research in this field, thus, surely will improve the overall health of society by facilitating assessment and reformation of health policies of different countries of the world.

The science of complex adaptive systems provides important concepts and tools for responding to the challenges of health care in the 21st century [21]. Countries of the world contain diverse cultures that make up the groups of patients and/ or other stakeholders within the health care field. So, tailored and comprehensive communication among various cultures can be taught based on the findings of consecutive researches.

Besides, extensive health care training programs will be also necessary to improve nonverbal and verbal communication between health care professionals and patients that can lead to improved patient outcomes. Health journalists can also promote training in health care facilities (i.e., hospitals), along with providing education materials to especially patients, and other stakeholders. While research can find and direct ways to achieving better communication strategies, training programs can help implement those strategies/policies by means of demonstrated skills achieved and even improved through performances in those training programs.

Research and training projects also can find out whether a designed health communication campaign is working in desired pattern or not and thus can suggest corrective measures if necessary. So, these are effective tools to promote health information, and enabling persuasive behaviors across the globe – in appropriate manners.

Designing a health message is considered as a key element of forming persuasive health communication strategy. Besides designing the message, understanding the audience’s perception of the communicated information is also a must to ensure effective delivery.

The author is the student of journalism and mass communication at Maulana Azad National Urdu University and can be reached on azharshaheen71227@gmail.com